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Wife Anniversary Wife Cards

anniversary wife card 1034
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Anniversary Wife

And the love we share is so special, too.

Happy Anniversary


anniversary wife card 1909
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Anniversary Wife

On our Anniversary
just want you to know
I love you so much....
...and I always will.


anniversary wife card 1907
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Anniversary Wife

Every time we celebrate
the day we said "I do"
I'm happier than ever
and I'm more in love
with you.

Happy Anniversary.


anniversary wife card 1908
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Anniversary Wife

To thank you so much
for all the things you do
that help to make
our marriage so
wonderful all through.

Anniversay Love.


anniversary wife card 1408
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Anniversary Wife

Just wanted to tell you how
much I love you....

With all my love
and wishes for
an extra-special


anniversary wife card 1409
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Anniversary Wife

With every day
that passes
I just love you
more and more.....

On our Anniversary
and every day -
You mean so much to me.


anniversary wife card 1910
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Anniversary Wife

......and for making
all my dreams come true -
you really are the
love of my life.

Happy Anniversary
with all
my love always.


anniversary wife card 2175
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Anniversary Wife

These anniversary wishes mean far more than words can say.
and bring warm thanks
for everything your love has brought my way.
Happy Anniversary


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anniversary wife card 1632
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Anniversary Wife

Your love and you
make every day
the happiest there could be,
and it's why our
means so much to me.

With Love to My
Darling Wife.


anniversary wife card 1410
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Anniversary Wife

Happy Anniversary
doesn't seem enough to say,
for all the joy and happiness
you give  to me each day,
but I hope that you will understand
just as you always do,
nothing else can match the joy
I find in loving you.

With Love on
Our Anniversary.


anniversary wife card 1411
View Details

Anniversary Wife

Our Wedding Anniversary
is a day just  for us two,
a perfect time to celebrate
the day I married you,
a time to wish you love and joy
and all you're hoping for,
and then to say I know there are
more happy years in store.

With Love on
Our Anniversary.


Wife Anniversary Wife Cards


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