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Wife Valentine Wife Cards

valentine wife card 1957
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Valentine Wife

I love you
and Im glad you're mine -
My very special


valentine wife card 1958
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Valentine Wife

....and with every day
that passes
I just love you
more and more!


valentine wife card 1078
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Valentine Wife

...just to say I love you... mean
everything to me

Valentine's Day.


valentine wife card 1995
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Valentine Wife

Im so happy
we're together,
you mean everything
to me and I'll love you
forever and ever.

Valentines Day.


valentine wife card 1441
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Valentine Wife

It's time for giving
and time for thinking too,
Of all the many
precious things
I love so much in you.

With Love


valentine wife card 3425
valentine wife card 3425
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Valentine Wife

I'm sending
this special Valentine
as a way to let you see
you're the only one
I'll ever love
you're everything to me.

Valentines Day


valentine wife card 1719
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Valentine Wife

You're the one who
makes me smile
and fills my heart
with love
no matter what
I'm doing -
you're the one I'm
thinking of.

Happy Valentines Day.


Out of Stock

valentine wife card 1439
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Valentine Wife

On Valentine's Day
I'm hoping,
just the way I always do,
That you will know
the happiness
that's mine because
of you.

With All My Love


valentine wife card 1440
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Valentine Wife


For you
With Love


This Valentine
is filled with love
and a special message, too-
I think of you so often
because I'm so in love
with you.

From the Heart
For You


valentine wife card 3426
View Details

Valentine Wife

I love you because
of your warmth
and understanding
I love the way
you makes good times
even better...

I love you because
your smile is
the most beautiful
thing in the world...
and your love is
the most wonderful
part of my life.

Happy Valentines Day


Wife Valentine Wife Cards


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